/ Testimonials

"Many thanks Kathryn. Awesome outcome. I'm totally stoked. I always knew I was in capable hands, was I ever xx"
J Dorey

We were thrilled with Kathryn and her approach to finding us our new home. She strikes the right balance of being professional yet personal and was a great guide and support to us throughout the entire process. We will certainly seek out her services next time we move.
B & J Larsen

Selling our own house and an investment property with Kathryn have been exceptional experiences. She exceeded our expectations both on price and service with a smile every step of the way. And she wears very nice shoes.
K & D Downs

Kathryn provided us with outstanding service during the whole process of listing and selling our house and helped us find our buyer. Kathryn is a professional and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is listing a property. Kathryn, thank you again for your outstanding service and for getting us our price.
K & V Spinetto

Janet and I would like to sincerely thank you for your excellent work in enabling our home to be sold for a most satisfactory outcome. It is a somewhat daunting undertaking for any home owner to place the well loved family house with its treasure trove of memories on the open market. A decision which in our case has taken many months if not years of soul searching to finally decide to sell. We approached you at Premium with some trepidation but due to your combined professionalism, experience and excellent communication skills the process of selling our home did not cause us all the stress that we had feared. We have really enjoyed working with you and want you to know we do appreciate all that you have done to facilitate the successful outcome. We realise of course that there is a lot of work behind the scenes involved in getting bidders to actually front up at the auction. Well done! We wish you well for your future endeavours. It has been a pleasure working with you. Again many thanks.
M Foster MNZM, JP

It was a marvellous result today not only for the vendor and yourselves but also for the couple who were successful in the end. You did a great job with attention to detail and follow through which is so important. Thanks and all the best.
G Smith

Thank you Kathryn. We have enjoyed your professional approach and hope we can be successful with something you have to sell soon!
D Sellars

I would like to thank you for your efforts in securing my new home. This is very much good news.

So thank you, thank you. I did have a good feeling about this, but I know you worked very hard to convince the vendors that I was the Buyer for them. I appreciate your efforts, very much.
G Brown